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Guitar Chords for Video 🎸🎵🎥

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A Guitar Chord Chart in Video Format

By using Guitar Chords for Video you will save time on production so you can create more content: guitar lessons, sing-alongs, and music videos.

For guitar teachers, instructors, musicians, and video creators

Easily insert guitar chords over your video with this template for Adobe Premiere and become Lord of the Strings.


2 easy to use motion graphics templates

60 preset chords

• or Create your own chords with the Custom Chord Creator

• Font Selection

• Place anywhere on screen and quickly adjust size and placement

• Custom color controls

• Background Adjustment


• 2 MoGRT files for Adobe Premiere

60 chords

...or create your own Chord

Overlay on your footage

My experience:

• Over ten years as a motion graphics artist

• my template products have over 1500 downloads on Adobe Stock

• I've been a guitar player for over 20 years

Includes 2 template files

Product 1: Guitar Chord Overlay

• select from over 60 chords

Product 2: Custom Chord Creator

• using drop-downs, sliders, and checkboxes, you can easily create your own chords!

Not sure about Motion Graphics Templates?

Before purchasing, test out a free motion graphics template here. 👈

Learn 🤓 how to install motion graphics templates here.

Money-back guarantee. 👍 If you are not satisfied with this product, a full refund will be made.

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I come from a family of guitarists and there was always a guitar chord chart around, just not in video format 🙂.

I'm a motion graphics designer and guitarist who strives to make delightful animations in easy-to-use templates for video creators. I live in Kitchener, Canada with my wife and two cats 🐱🐱. Follow me on Instagram @motion_forward_design, on Facebook @motionforwarddesign, or visit to see what I'm currently working on.


Learn How to Use MoGRTs

Learn How to Install MoGRTs

*Our products have over 1000 downloads on Adobe Stock

*Make better motion graphics in less time with Motion Forward Templates

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Adobe Premiere Template

Customizable settings
Adapt to your brand
Intuitive Controls
Easy to use
Re-use for your videos
Save time and costs

Guitar Chords for Video 🎸🎵🎥

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